Brentwood Alarms - A Legacy of Security Excellence Since 1995

Started by my father in 1995 we have been a family run business ever since. We can take over and maintain and fix almost anything that is on the market at the moment. 

Brentwood Alarms, a name synonymous with security, was established in 1995 by my father, initially specialising in the installation of domestic home alarm systems. Our journey is one rooted in passion, expertise, and a deep commitment to safeguarding the homes and businesses of our community.

A Heritage of Expertise

Our founder’s journey in the security industry commenced in the early 1970s when he proudly became one of the first five ADT engineers in the UK. His career ascended to management ranks at Securicor Granley during the early 90s, underlining his commitment to excellence.

After several years of subcontracting at London East Security Centre, he embarked on the journey of creating Brentwood Alarms as a weekend side project.

Passing the Torch

In the late 90s, I embarked on my apprenticeship under his mentorship. My primary responsibilities included the installation of new alarm systems, and I also gained extensive experience in servicing and repairing alarms.

In 2001, I made the decision to join CE Security after acquiring a wealth of knowledge from working on the diverse alarm systems at London East Security Centre.

A Family-Run Endeavor

By late 2005, Brentwood Alarms had grown to support both my father and myself full-time. This was a pivotal period during which we applied for and were awarded SSAIB Accreditation. This accreditation empowered us to install alarm systems with remote monitoring capabilities, meeting insurance requirements and facilitating police response when needed.

It was during this phase that we diversified our services, expanding from home alarm systems to encompass CCTV systems, serving both domestic and commercial clients.

Evolution and Branding

Around 2015, we rebranded to "BBAlarms." This change not only simplified our name but also reflected our commitment to modernity and innovation. It's worth noting that "BBAlarms" is quicker to type than "Brentwood Alarms." However, we cherish our loyal customers who still recognize us as either Brentwood Alarms or BBAlarms.

Adapting to Industry Changes

Throughout our journey, we have witnessed the transformation of the security industry, from old hard-wired alarm systems to the modern and highly popular smart alarm systems with app-based controls.

Transition to Leadership

My father retired during the Covid lockdown, thrusting me from two decades of fieldwork into the role of managing our office.

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Today, we boast a loyal customer base while remaining open to new opportunities. We take pride in our extensive experience, having worked with virtually every type and manufacturer of intruder alarm systems available.

Brentwood Alarms, now known as BBAlarms, remains dedicated to securing your peace of mind through the highest standards of security services, just as we have for nearly three decades.